What is mobi?

MOBI, a MobiPocket Reader file is the extension given to the format that has been developed for the MobiPocket Reader. Amazon uses a descendant of the MOBI file for files created by KindleGen, but renamed to AZW. Originally, MOBI was a format by PalmDOC with certain HTML like tags in the data, a format that is still used by a number of MOBI formatted documents.

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What is xbm?

The XBM file type or X Bitmat Graphic is an image used by the X Windows System or X11. It’s a graphical user interface ( GUI ) which is used to manage client server computers in a network. It converts an image to plain text in the C programming language so it can be compiled in the programming language. It was later extended by XPM. MIME TYPE: image/x-xbitmap

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