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Converting HTM (Hypertext Markup Language) files to MSI (Microsoft Installer) files can be necessary in certain situations. HTM files are commonly used to create web pages and are readable by web browsers. On the other hand, MSI files are installation packages used in Windows operating systems to install software applications. So, why would you need to convert HTM to MSI files? One reason could be to create a seamless installation process for your web-based application. By converting your HTM files to MSI, you can package all the necessary files and settings into a single installer package, making it easier for users to install your application on their Windows computers. Additionally, converting HTM to MSI can also be useful if you want to distribute your web application as a standalone desktop application, allowing users to access your web app without needing a web browser. Whatever the reason may be, our website provides a list of converters that can efficiently convert HTM to MSI files, including both online converters and software solutions.

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Freemake Video Converter
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AVS Document Converter
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Learn more about HTM files

HTM files, also known as Hypertext Markup Language files, are files that contain the code used to create a web page. This code consists of various elements that define the structure and content of the page. HTM files are commonly used for creating static web pages that can be viewed using a web browser. The code within an HTM file is made up of HTML tags, which are used to format and structure the text, images, links, and other components of a web page. These tags are interpreted by the web browser to display the content in the desired format. By converting HTM files, you can ensure that your web pages are accessible and compatible across different devices and platforms.

Learn more about MSI files

MSI files are a type of installation package format used primarily in Windows operating systems. They are designed to simplify the process of installing software on a user's computer. MSI stands for Microsoft Installer, and these files contain all the necessary components and instructions required to install or update applications. The format provides a standardized way to install software, ensuring that all necessary files and configurations are properly set up on a user's computer. The files can include executable files, system libraries, registry entries, and other resources required for the software to function correctly. MSI files are commonly used for distributing software packages both online and offline, as they are compact and can be easily automated for mass deployments.