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If you are looking to convert your PST (Personal Storage Table) files to ICS (iCalendar) format, you have come to the right place. Converting your PST files to ICS can be useful in several scenarios. ICS files are widely supported and compatible with various calendar applications, making it easier to manage and share events with others. By converting your PST files to ICS, you can seamlessly import your calendar data into applications like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook, among others. This allows you to access and view your events on different devices and platforms. Our website provides a range of PST to ICS converters to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer online converters or software-based solutions, we have got you covered. Some of the converters available on our platform are free, while others offer premium features for advanced users. We understand that different users have different preferences and requirements, so we aim to provide a diverse selection of converters for you to choose from. Browse through our list of converters, compare their features and pricing, and find the one that best suits your needs.

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Learn more about PST files

PST files, also known as Personal Storage Table files, are a type of file format used by Microsoft Outlook to store and manage email messages, attachments, calendar events, and other types of data. These files are created and used locally on the user's computer as a means of organizing and storing email messages and related data. PST files are commonly used in situations where the user needs to access their email and related information offline, such as when they are traveling or in areas with limited internet connectivity. These files can be password-protected to ensure security and can be easily imported or exported between different versions of Outlook or even different email clients. PST files play a crucial role in managing and maintaining a user's email data efficiently and securely.

Learn more about ICS files

An ICS file is a computer file format used for storing calendar data, such as events or appointments. It stands for "Internet Calendar File" and is widely supported by various operating systems and calendar programs. ICS files are typically used to share calendar information between different applications or devices, allowing users to easily transfer or synchronize their calendars. These files can contain details such as event names, dates, times, locations, descriptions, and reminders. They can be imported or exported from calendar applications, making it convenient to share or access calendar data across platforms. Whether you need to share your schedule with colleagues or integrate your calendar with other applications, ICS files are a versatile and efficient way to manage your calendar information.