What is sgi?

The SGI file extension stands for “Silicon Graphics Image”  file. It is an image that was saved in the native graphics format that was used on the Silicon Graphics workstations. It supports Run-Lengh encoding ( RLE) compression that reduces the file size and can store 8 to 32 bits per pixel. This file format is very similar to RGB. Mime type: image/sgi, image/x-sgi, image/x-sgi-rgba

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What is raf?

The RAF extensions is a CCD-RAW Graphic file that has been developed by Fuji Photo Filma USA Inc. as an exchangeable image file. This image format contains data of the Fuji (digital) camera’s CCD or CMOS sensor. Slowly, graphics programs are starting to provide support for this format, like Qimage. The RAF files are called a digital negative without other effects and compressions from the camera.  

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