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Converting AI (Adobe Illustrator) files to OBJ (Wavefront Object) files can be a necessary step when working with 3D modeling software or game development. AI files are primarily used for vector-based graphics and are widely used in the design industry for creating logos, icons, and other illustrations. On the other hand, OBJ files are a popular file format for storing 3D geometry data. They allow designers and developers to work with 3D models in various applications, including animation, visualization, and virtual reality. Converting AI files to OBJ format is useful when you need to bring your 2D designs into 3D projects or when you want to use the vector-based graphics as a basis for creating 3D models. By converting AI files to OBJ, you can preserve the overall shape, proportions, and details of your original artwork, and utilize it in a 3D environment. This conversion also enables you to apply textures, materials, and lighting effects to your designs, giving them a realistic appearance in rendering and visualization software. We have compiled a range of AI to OBJ converters that cater to different needs, including online converters that are accessible through web browsers, as well as software converters that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. Some converters are free to use, while others might have premium features that offer additional functionality or advanced options. Explore our list and choose the converter that best suits your requirements to seamlessly convert your AI files to OBJ format.

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Learn more about AI files

AI files are a type of vector image file that is most commonly associated with Adobe Illustrator. Vector files are different from raster files as they are based on mathematical equations rather than pixel data. This means that AI files can be resized without losing any quality or resolution, making them ideal for designers and artists who need to create high-quality graphics. AI files can contain a wide range of elements, including shapes, colors, text, and even effects such as gradients and shadows. They are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, including print materials, web graphics, and even animations. As a result, AI files have become a standard format in the design industry.

Learn more about OBJ files

OBJ files are a popular file format for storing and exchanging 3D model data. They are widely used in the field of computer graphics and 3D printing. OBJ files contain a collection of vertices, polygons, and texture coordinates that define the geometry and appearance of a 3D object. The format is versatile and can store various attributes, such as material properties and color information. OBJ files can be easily imported and exported by many 3D modeling software and are supported by a wide range of applications and platforms. They are a common choice for artists, designers, and engineers working with 3D models, as they allow for efficient collaboration and compatibility between different software tools.