What is jpg?

The JPG file extension is a JPEG or JIFF image file type that is used to show digital photographs, from for instance digital cameras, on the web. Early 2008, JPG files often became infected which started to spread on Symbian devices. Mime type: image/jpeg, image/jpg, image/jp_, application/jpg, application/x-jpg, image/pjpeg, image/pipeg, image/vnd.swiftview-jpeg, image/x-xbitmap

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What is otb?

The OTB file extension is an “Over The Air Bitmap” image by Nokia that is used for the transmission of pictures between Nokia and Siemens phones, often as a series of one or more text messages. The transmission is often limited to black and white images with dimensions of a maximum of 255 by 255 pixels. Mime-type: image/vnd.nokia.ota-bitmap

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