What is ico?

An ICO file is a Windows Icon Image format used for storing icons for Windows programs, files and folders. It contains two bitmaps: the AND bitmap, a mask that determines which part is transparant and which isn’t, and the XOR bitmap with is mapped onto the image mask. A common use of an ICO file is the favicon.ico that is used to store the logo of a website next to the address bar in a webbrowser. An ICO file is similar to a CUR file, but is different in a way that it contains different identification bytes in the header. Mime type: image/ico, image/x-icon, application/ico, application/x-ico, application/x-win-bitmap, image/x-win-bitmap, application/octet-stream

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What is pcds?

PCDS, similar to PCD, is a Photo-CD image file designed by Kodak. It contains bitmap graphic data in multi-resolutions.

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