What is webm?

The WEBM file type is an open multimedia file format used for streaming video on websites. It was designed by Google to provide royalty-free, high-quality open video compression for HTML5 video. The WebM supports the video codec VP8 and VP9. The data structure of WebM files is based on the Matroska file format. The source code is released under a BSD license. Mime-type: video/webm

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What is ogv?

The OGG video file, or simply OGV file is a video profile file that is often associated with Ogg Vorbis by Xiph.Org Foundation. It has been created as an open source standardized container format for streaming purposes. It can combine a multitude of open source codecs for video data and usually contains the Theora Codec and the Vorbis Codec. A large number of free and commercial media software open the OGV files. Mime type: video/ogg

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Any Video Converter Ultimate

Premium version of Any Video Converter Any Video Converter is, as the name suggests, an online video converter application for Windows. This premium version of the popular video converter Any Video Converter offers a lot more beneifts than...

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