What is rv?

The RV file is a video file that can be openend / played with RealVideo ( from Real Networks Inc. ) or any other video player that has a Real coded installed. Mime type: video/vnd.rn-realvideo, audio/vnd.rn-realvideo, audio/vnd.rrn-realvideo, video/vnd-rn-realvideo, video/x-pn-realvideo

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What is f4v?

The F4V file is a video container file associated with Adobe Flash. This Flash MP4 video file is similar to FLV files, but uses ‘boxes’ to store its data. Examples of boxes supported by the F4V format are the ftyp box (player requirements), the moov box (file header), the mvhd box (playback information), the trak box (media tracks), the uda box (free-form user data) and the meta box (metadata).

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Any Video Converter Ultimate

Premium version of Any Video Converter Any Video Converter is, as the name suggests, an online video converter application for Windows. This premium version of the popular video converter Any Video Converter offers a lot more beneifts than...

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