Filename extension: .bmp
Developed by: Microsoft
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The BMP file type, short for Bitmap Image File, marks its origin in the early era of personal computing. Established as part of Microsoft Windows in the 1980s, BMP was designed to store bitmap digital images. Its simplicity and compatibility with Windows made it a staple for image storage in the early days of computing.

Structure and Functionality of BMP Files

BMP files are characterized by their pixel-by-pixel representation of an image, typically without any form of compression. This simplicity allows for rapid access and manipulation of image data, but it also results in larger file sizes compared to compressed formats. Each BMP file begins with a header containing information about the file's size, resolution, and color depth, followed by the pixel data that defines the image itself.

Software Compatibility

Due to its integration with Windows, a wide variety of software applications support the BMP format, including Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and GIMP. Their ability to open, edit, and save BMP files has maintained the format's presence, despite the rise of other formats.

Alternatives to BMP

With the evolution of digital imaging, several formats have emerged as more efficient alternatives to BMP. Notable amongst these are JPEG, GIF, and PNG, each offering different advantages such as lower file sizes through compression (JPEG), support for animation (GIF), and lossless compression along with transparency support (PNG).


In summary, while the BMP format has played a crucial role in the history of digital imaging, its limitations in terms of storage efficiency have paved the way for newer, more adaptable image formats. Its legacy, however, remains intact within the realm of simple image editing and archival purposes where image fidelity is of paramount importance.

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