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The PCX file format, standing as a pioneer in bitmapped image files, holds a significant place in the evolution of digital imagery. Developed by ZSoft Corporation in the 1980s, it became the first widely used format for storing bitmapped images on IBM PC compatible computers. The PCX format, also known as Personal Computer eXchange, was primarily used in the DOS operating system where it flourished alongside popular software such as Paintbrush.

Understanding the PCX File Format

At its core, PCX operates on a run-length encoding (RLE) compression technique, which helps reduce file sizes without losing image quality. Its structure allows it to store single-page bitmapped images, and it can handle monochrome, 16-color, 256-color, and 24-bit true color images, making it versatile for its time. Although RLE is a relatively simple form of compression, it was quite effective for the storage capabilities and processing power of earlier PCs.

Software Compatible with PCX Files

Historically, PCX was a staple format for graphics programs, including the once ubiquitous Paintbrush, the predecessor to Microsoft Paint. Over time, as computing power increased and more advanced formats gained popularity, PCX's presence dwindled. However, it is still supported by a wide range of graphic editors and viewers, including Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, and GIMP. These applications retain the ability to open and manipulate PCX files for users who need to work with legacy images.

Modern Alternatives to PCX

Technology advancement has led to the development of more sophisticated image formats that address the limitations of PCX. Formats like JPEG, PNG, and GIF have outpaced PCX in terms of compression efficiency, color depth, and web compatibility. Particularly, PNG has emerged as a dominant format for lossless image storage, superseding PCX in areas where transparent backgrounds or finer color gradations are required. Generally, these modern formats offer better compression algorithms and are better suited to today's diverse multimedia requirements.


The legacy of the PCX file format can still be seen today in the way digital images are stored and manipulated. Even though newer formats have largely replaced it, the PCX format's contribution to the early days of digital imaging is undeniably significant. For those dealing with historical image repositories or niche applications, understanding and having the capability to access PCX files remains an important aspect of digital image management and history.

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