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Developed by: Adobe
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The DNG (Digital Negative) filetype is an open, royalty-free RAW image format developed by Adobe Systems. Launched in 2004, DNG was designed to provide a universal format for RAW files, which are produced by most digital cameras. RAW files contain unprocessed data from a camera's sensor, offering photographers greater flexibility in image editing. DNG aimed to overcome the issue of proprietary RAW formats, which often required specific software to read.

Design and Functionality

DNG files preserve all image data in a documented format, which mitigates the risks associated with camera manufacturers' proprietary RAW formats that may become unsupported over time. The DNG specification includes metadata, a checksum to detect file corruption, and the option to include a JPEG preview.

Software Compatibility

Various software applications support the DNG format, including Adobe's own products like Photoshop and Lightroom. Numerous third-party applications and even some camera manufacturers have adopted DNG, promoting interoperability and ensuring long-term accessibility of digital images.

Adoption and Camera Support

Despite the advantages of a universal RAW format, DNG has not been universally adopted by camera manufacturers. Some have chosen to stick with their proprietary formats. However, several companies, such as Leica and Pentax, have incorporated DNG as a native format option in their cameras, acknowledging its benefits for archival purposes.

Alternatives to DNG

While DNG is a notable option for storing RAW images, alternatives exist, including proprietary formats like Canon's CR2 or Nikon's NEF. Enthusiasts and professionals often choose to work with the native RAW format provided by their cameras for maximum compatibility with the manufacturer's software.


The introduction of the DNG format marked a significant step towards solving the problem of digital image archiving. Its goal of providing a standardized, open format ensures that images can be preserved and accessed regardless of ongoing developments in camera technology.

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