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Developed by: Kodak
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The DPX (Digital Picture Exchange) filetype is an industry-standard format used for storing high-resolution image files, particularly in the fields of film and video production. Initially developed by Kodak in response to the growing needs of digital intermediate workflows, it is designed to handle an extensive range of color data and metadata. This format emerged from the SMPTE RP 131 standard and was later ratified by SMPTE as the SMPTE 268M-2003 standard. As a result, DPX rapidly became the go-to choice for professionals seeking to maintain the highest possible image fidelity in post-production and visual effects workflows.

How DPX Works

DPX files encapsulate raw image data—usually 10-bit logarithmic or 16-bit linear—in a standardized image structure that supports a broad color gamut. It also allows for comprehensive metadata storage, including information about image geometry, colorimetry, and time code. Due to its lossless nature and robust metadata support, DPX serves well in the realm of color grading and digital mastering, preserving the director's creative intent and cinematographer's vision.

Software That Utilizes DPX

Numerous software packages across the movie and broadcasting industries harness the DPX format due to its reliability and industry acceptance. Examples include high-end color grading suites like DaVinci Resolve, film scanning systems such as ARRISCAN, and various compositing and digital intermediate systems, including Autodesk's Flame and Adobe After Effects. These applications leverage the DPX format to ensure that the visual integrity of the content is upheld throughout the production pipeline.

Alternatives to DPX

While DPX remains a forward choice for many professionals, there are alternatives in the sphere of high-fidelity image formats. Formats such as EXR (OpenEXR), developed by Industrial Light & Magic, offer similar capabilities with additional features like support for multiple image layers and varying degrees of compression. Cineon, which was an earlier digital film format developed by Kodak, laid the groundwork for DPX but has since been sidelined by the latter's broad adoption. TIFF and JPEG2000 are also used in certain contexts, albeit with different focuses in terms of compression and image handling.

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