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Developed by: Karaoke File (KAR) format was developed by Tune 1000 Corp.
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The KAR file type, synonymous with MIDI Karaoke, is an extension of the MIDI format that combines music with text. Historically, KAR files emerged as a popular format in the early days of computer-based karaoke, allowing both lyrics and music to be stored in a single file. This made it easy to synchronise lyrics with music, providing a seamless karaoke experience. Integrated with MIDI data, KAR files enable real-time adaptation of music while displaying corresponding lyrics.

How KAR Files Work

KAR files work by utilizing standard MIDI technology to control electronic musical instruments, while the text for the karaoke is stored in special lyrics events within the MIDI file itself. As the MIDI sequence plays, the lyrics display in time with the music, allowing performers to sing along in sync with the backing track.

Software Compatibility

Several software applications support the KAR file format. Notably, vanBasco's Karaoke Player, KaraFun Player, and Kanto Karaoke are among the prominent options available. These programs provide an interface that not only plays the music but also displays the lyrics, often highlighting the current line to guide the singer.

Alternatives to KAR Files

While KAR files have enjoyed widespread popularity, other file formats also exist to facilitate karaoke. CD+G, for instance, is another well-known format that, unlike KAR files, can contain graphical data for more elaborate on-screen presentations. Additionally, video-based formats like MP4 are increasingly used to store both music and synchronized lyrics or subtitles, offering an alternative for users seeking richer multimedia experiences.

Overall, the KAR file format represents an essential chapter in the evolution of karaoke technology. Its role in marrying MIDI's musical precision with the fun of singing along remains appreciated by both casual enthusiasts and professional entertainers alike.

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