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Developed by: Anime Music Video
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The AMV file format, short for Anime Music Video, is designed specifically for MP4 players and S1 MP3 players with video playback. It is a compressed video file format that allows for the storage of small video clips with relatively low resolution and frame rates. Developed in the early 2000s, the AMV format was created to cater to the limited storage and processing capabilities of portable media players of the time. It facilitated the easy sharing and distribution of anime-related video content over the Internet, which piggybacked on the rising popularity of anime culture worldwide.

Technical Aspects of the AMV File Format

AMV files are characterized by their small file sizes, due to the use of low-resolution video typically around 208x160 or 128x96 pixels, and low frame rates to match the capabilities of the hardware they were designed for. This format uses a modified version of the AVI container, along with a variation of the Motion JPEG for video compression and MP3 for audio compression, striking a balance between quality and file size that is suitable for portable devices with limited functionalities.

Software Support for AMV Files

Software that supports playback and conversion of AMV files includes MP4 Player utilities and converters like AMV Studio, AMV Convert Tool, and the media player software X-Micro. These tools are necessary to play and manage AMV files on modern computers, as the format is not widely supported by mainstream media players due to its niche use and the advent of more advanced video codecs and containers.

Alternative Video File Formats

With the evolution of digital video and media player technology, alternative video formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, and MKV have become more prevalent. These formats offer higher resolutions, better compatibility, and are supported by many hardware devices and software players. They are based on more efficient codecs like H.264 and H.265, which provide better video quality at lower file sizes compared to the AMV format. However, for niche applications and compatibility with certain legacy devices, the AMV format may still be in use.


The AMV file format serves a specific purpose and has played a role in the sharing of anime content among enthusiasts. While it has been largely overshadowed by more flexible and modern video formats, it remains an interesting part of the history of digital video and a reminder of the days when media player hardware imposed significant restrictions on file size and video quality.

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