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Developed by: Microsoft
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The XLSB file format is a binary spreadsheet file type primarily used by Microsoft Excel. Binary file formats are known for their efficiency in saving and opening large files quickly. The XLSB format was introduced with Excel 2007, part of the Office Open XML file formats, and has been supporting users with large datasets ever since.

How XLSB Works

Unlike traditional XLS or the newer XLSX formats which store information as XML, the XLSB format saves data in a binary structure. This approach optimizes performance by reducing file size and improving load times. When dealing with very large datasets or complex operations, XLSB is advantageous because binary processing is typically faster than handling text-based data such as XML.

Software Compatibility

While the XLSB format is proprietary to Microsoft Excel, its compatibility extends to other spreadsheet software. Applications like LibreOffice Calc and Google Sheets can open and manipulate XLSB files, although some features may not be fully supported due to its proprietary nature.

XLSB File Format Alternatives

Alternatives to XLSB include XLSX, CSV, and ODS formats. The XLSX is widely used and supports additional features like graphics and charts, but can be slower with large files. CSV is a plain text format that's excellent for data interchange between different programs but lacks features for complex formatting. ODS is the open-source equivalent to proprietary spreadsheet formats, offering broad compatibility with open-source office suites.

Understanding the nuances of file formats like XLSB can significantly influence workflow productivity, especially for those who frequently handle large spreadsheets. Choosing the right file format depends on the specific needs of the task at hand and the software environment available.

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