Filename extension: .sketch
Developed by: Bohemian Coding
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The SKETCH file format is synonymous with digital design and has been a game-changer in the world of user interface and user experience design. Originating from the software Sketch, developed by the Dutch company Bohemian Coding, the file type was introduced with the app's launch in 2010. Its primary purpose was to facilitate vector graphics and screen design processes, especially for websites and mobile apps.

Understanding the SKETCH File Format

SKETCH files are made up of a combination of vectors, bitmaps, and text, which are stored in a JSON-based format. This makes them highly flexible and editable, allowing designers to work with scalable elements that maintain quality at any size. The format supports multiple pages and artboards, making it easier to design complex interfaces with multiple screens.

Software Compatibility

While the SKETCH format was initially exclusive to the Mac OS, owing to its optimization for the platform, it has now become more accessible through various third-party applications and cloud services. This accessibility enables cross-platform collaboration, even though direct editing is typically limited to Sketch on Mac.

Alternative File Formats

Designers seeking alternatives to the SKETCH format have various options at their disposal. Noteworthy alternatives include Adobe XD files (.XD), Photoshop files (.PSD), Illustrator files (.AI), and Figma files (.FIG). Each alternative has its own set of features and compatibilities that cater to different aspects of the design process.


The SKETCH file format, while initially tied closely to Mac users, has broadly impacted the design community. It has promoted a more streamlined and efficient workflow for UI/UX designers. With the advent of file conversion tools and integrations, the SKETCH format continues to remain relevant amidst the evolving landscape of digital design tools.

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