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Developed by: Microsoft
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Microsoft Software Installation (MSI) files are a staple in Windows operating systems, serving as a standard format for packaging and distributing software. The MSI filetype was introduced by Microsoft to streamline the installation process by bundling all the necessary files and instructions into a single package. This filetype empowers users by automating the complex process of software installation, performing tasks such as copying files, writing to the registry, and configuring settings without manual intervention.

How MSI Files Work

MSI files contain a database of instructions and metadata, utilized by the Windows Installer service to ensure the proper deployment of software. This database includes tables that define the installation process's sequence of actions, file locations, registry modifications, and other essential configurations. MSI packages offer robust transaction processing, which means that if an installation fails, the system can roll back to its initial state, preventing partial installs or system corruptions.

Software Utilizing MSI Filetype

A vast array of applications, especially those developed for Windows platforms, deploy software through MSI files. Corporate IT departments frequently use MSI packages for remote installations and managing software on multiple computers efficiently. Various development tools, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, provide the means to create MSI files, simplifying the process for software developers.

Alternatives to MSI Filetype

Despite the widespread use of MSI files, several alternatives exist. Newer technologies, such as ClickOnce and the Microsoft Store, offer different methods of software distribution and installation, catering to the evolving needs of users and developers. For example, ClickOnce is designed for simpler deployments, often used for per-user installations without requiring administrative rights. Another modern alternative is the Windows Package Manager (WinGet), which automates the discovery, installation, upgrade, and removal of applications.

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