Filename extension: .ms-dvr
Developed by: Microsoft
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The MS-DVR file format is a proprietary video recording format developed by Microsoft for use with Digital Video Recording (DVR) functionality in Microsoft's Windows Media Center. Since its inception, this file type has been synonymous with the convenience of recording and playing back television broadcasts directly on a PC.

Origins and Evolution

The MS-DVR file format emerged alongside the Windows Media Center application, which was first introduced in a special edition of Windows XP known as Windows XP Media Center Edition. It provided users a seamless experience to record live television through a compatible TV tuner card. The .dvr-ms file extension denotes the Microsoft Digital Video Recording file, capturing the stream with the encoded data often in MPEG-2 format.

Functionality and Usage

The primary advantage of the MS-DVR format lies in its integration with Windows Media Center, offering users a built-in solution for recording TV content. MS-DVR files preserve metadata such as show information and timestamps, which facilitate easy navigation through recordings. This format also supports digital rights management (DRM), ensuring content protection for broadcasters.

Software Support

While the MS-DVR format is closely associated with Windows Media Center, various third-party software packages have provided support for playback and editing. Applications like VLC media player and certain video converters can open and convert MS-DVR files to more widely-accepted formats. Video editing software may also support .dvr-ms files, depending on the compatibility and codecs available.

Alternatives to MS-DVR

With the discontinuation of Windows Media Center after Windows 7, the significance of the MS-DVR format has waned. More modern file formats such as MP4 and MKV have become prevalent due to their universal compatibility and open standards. Cloud-based DVR services and dedicated hardware DVR devices have also become popular as alternatives, offering users different methods to record and store television content without relying on a PC.

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