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Youconvertit is a populair converter which supports a great number of file types like 3GP, EPUB, MP3 and MP4. They have spent numerous hours on developing to give the users the best conversion technique possible. This way you can convert your media files without losing quality. You can use this converter as a free user, sign up (as a free user) or pay for a membership.

The membership contains additional benefits:
• 1GB of file storage capacity, while unregistered users will have No file storage.
• You can convert multiple files at the same time.
• You can send or convert bigger file(s) size.
• You can send or convert bigger sized file(s).
• More bandwidth for downloading your files.
• Yours files will have higher priority than unregistered users.
• Download speed is higher.
• More time before files expires.

Both free and paid users can convert as many files as they like. However there is a limitation on file size for unregistered users (100mb). They will be able to download files until 1 GB is reached. Links for unregistered users expire after three days. Registered users can download files up to 200 times and links expire after 10 days. Paid users have the same download limit as registered users.

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