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Complete open-source converter

Miro Video Converter is a free and open-source video converter from the creators of Miro video player and downloader. Similarly to the video player, the converter software is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Miro Video Converter specializes in converting almost any video to MP4, WebM, or Android and Apple supported formats. It can also be used to convert HTML 5 videos for websites.

The full list of supported devices divided by operating system:

Additionally, Miro Video Converter has different presets that will convert your video to the correct sizes and formats for popular phones, iPods, and other media players. Just convert your video  using a preset and copy it to your device.


  • Samsung Galaxy S,
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • HTC Wildfire
  • HTC Desire
  • Motorola RAZR,
  • And many more


  • iPod (Classic / Nano)
  • iPod Touch 4+
  • iPhone 4+
  • iPhone 5, iPad
  • iPad 3
  • Apple TV


PSP, Kindle Fre

Examples of popular conversions:


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