Coolutils Converter


Free online image converter

Coolutils is an online image or document converter, as well as a supplier of desktop software for all your conversion needs. The online system is user-friendly and online conversion can be done be following three simple steps. The site offers image (like JPG and PNG) and document (like PDF and DOC) conversions, plus a bunch of other useful conversions.

Besides being an online converter, Coolutils offers tools that enable you to address daily trouble regarding documents. For instance, you can combine multiple PDF files to one PDF file or split PDF files into multiple pages.

The online conversions are free, but paying the the one-time license fee gives you access to many features in the software as well as continuous support from the company.

Example of online conversions:

  • PDF to JPEG, GIF or PNG
  • Word to PDF, text or JPEG
  • Excel to DOC, text or JPEG.


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