The RPL file type is used for video files that are associated with ARMovie, found on Acorn RISC computer systems. Another use for the RPL file format is as a replay of a match performed in Toribash, a 3D fighting game where players design the fighters’ moves; saved in a high-quality MPEG format that can be viewed on multiple platforms.


A ROQ file format is used for full motion video formats, developed by The 11th Hour by Graeme Devine. It can be found as the FMV format for the video game Quake III: Arena and Doom 3. It stores a user’s gamplay in a vidoe format that can be played back.


The MJ2 format, short for Motion JPEG 2000 contains a motion sequence of JPEG 2000 images. Instead of inter-frame coding each frame, it encodes each frame independently using a JPEG 2000 compression. Several digitale cameras, that allow for the capturing of videos, produce MJ2 files and the MJ2 format can also be found in medical and satellite imagery.


The DIRAC file extension is a royalty-free video compression format that has been developed by BBC Research, named after the dirac-research. The DIRAC format aims to provide the user with high-quality video compression that can be used on Ultra HDTV and competes with other formats as H.264 and VC-1.


The 4XM file extension is used on files that transport video data that have been compressed with the 4XM video codec, developed by 4X Technologies. Besides the video data, it can also transport audio data and multiple audio language tracks. The 4XM technology is often used in computer and console games.



The STM file format is a streaming media file from Microsoft Exchange. It may contain video, audio or other media that are formatted as streams of MIME data.

Mime-type: application/octet-stream


The DV file extension, short for Digital Video, is used in a file that is created by a digitale videocamera. It makes use of the standard RAW format for the video and is supported by several video editing programs. On a side note, the DV extension is sometimes used for other video formats, which would need their respective software programs in order to be opened.

Mime type: video/x-dv


The M2TS extension, short for MPEG-2 Transport Stream, is a Blu-ray Disc video file that contains a BDAV MPEG-2 transport stream. Each stream has its own file, named with five digits. Similar files are named with the same digits.


The OGG media file, carrying the OGM extension, is an open source media file created by Ogg Vorbis. It is similar to the OGG container, but it has never been an official extension that is used by DivX and Xvid encoders. It can be opened by both paid and free mediaplayers and portable media players.

Mime-type: application/ogg


File extension: MTV File type: Video The MTV file type is primarily associated with ‘MTV’. MTV is a file format created to allow video playback capabilities on inexpensive Chinese-made portable MP4 players without increasing the cost of those players with license royalties and more processor power. One use of this file format is in a product called the MP4 Watch. Primary association: MTV File classification: Video Identifying characters Hex: 41 4D 56 , ASCII: AMV