The SGL file extension is a Master Document from the StarWriter 5 versions. It was the native format for this application. It can now be opened by Apache OpenOffice Writer.


The MHTML file is an archived web page document, created by Internet Explorer of the Microsoft Corporation. This file type has been found to be infected in the past and should carefully be scanned by an antivirus software application when a file of this type is sent to you.

Mime type: message/rfc822


The CSV file format, short for Comma-Seperated Variables, are comma delimited file databases exported into a format in which each record is a single line and iets record is indicated by a comma. When the field has a comma in it, the field will also be quoted. CSV files can be imported into Excel by the Microsoft Corporation, but can also be imported into any other database of spreadsheet program.

Mime type: text/comma-separated-values, text/csv, application/csv, application/excel, application/, application/vnd.msexcel, text/anytext


The LFR extension, short for Little Fighter, is a format associated with the online game Little Fighter and is used as a encrypted data archive.


The ODF extenstion is similar to the ODC format and is short for OpenDocument Formula. This format is part of the OpenOffice Applications and has been expected to become the industry standard for the sharing of document files. Although it has been adopted by OpenOffice by Sun Microsystems Inc., it may also be used by other software applications.

Mime type: application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.formula, application/x-vnd.oasis.opendocument.formula


A POT file is an older template file for the PowerPoint software by Microsoft Corporation.

Mime type: application/ [official] application/mspowerpoint, application/x-mspowerpoint, application/powerpoint, application/x-powerpoint, application/x-dos_ms_powerpnt, application/pot, application/x-soffic



The SAM file extension is a document created by IBM for ‘ Ami Pro’. This was a program developed under DOS for Word processing. Lotus purchased it and converted it to Windows and OS/2. Later it was replaced by Lotus Word Pro 97.

Mime type: application/amipro, application/sam, application/vnd.lotus-amipro, application/vnd.lotus-wordpro, application/x-amipro, application/x-ami, application/x-sam


The TCR file format is a compressed text file mostly used for e-books. It was originally created for the older Psion Series 3 palmtop devices in the 1990’s.


XHTML means Extensible HyperText Markup Language and is an extension of HTML file type. It is used as a markup language particularly for websites. It has all the functionalities of HTML files but uses a stricter syntax. This is because HTML is based on the flexible SGML where as XHTML is based on XML, a more restrictive subset of SGML. Due to the stricter syntax of XML documents this file type can be more easily processed by an XML parser while normal SGML documents require a much more complex parser. The XHTML 1.0 became a W3C standard on January 26, 2000.

MIME TYPE: application/xhtml+xml



The TIFF format stands for ‘Tagged Image File Format’. It was developed by Aldus Corporation to save images from scanners and photo editing programs, but it is currently owned by Adobe. The format is a graphics container that contains raster and vector images. It supports high-quality graphics, color depths from 1 to 24 bit, multiple layers, lossy and lossless compression and pages. Due to its flexibility not all programs can read the many varieties of TIFF.

Mime type: image/tiff