The SGL file extension is a Master Document from the StarWriter 5 versions. It was the native format for this application. It can now be opened by Apache OpenOffice Writer.


The MHTML file is an archived web page document, created by Internet Explorer of the Microsoft Corporation. This file type has been found to be infected in the past and should carefully be scanned by an antivirus software application when a file of this type is sent to you.

Mime type: message/rfc822


The DOC file format is an Open XML format related to the DOC format, that has been written by Microsoft Corporation for their Word software.  Microsoft Office Word is a enables the sharing and creation of documents using a set of writing options. In the years after the first Word, other versions of Word may slightly differ from the initial content. For instance, The oldest Word will have problems opening a word file from Word 2007. The DOCM extension came with the 2007 Microsoft Office. It is a combination of a XML architechture and a ZIP compression. Althought this extension came with the 2007 version, Microsoft has promised that older versions of Microsoft Office are able to convert the DOCM files. Besides Microsoft Office Word, other software have been designed to open or save DOC files such as OpenOffice, TextMaker Viewer, Zoho Viewer or Free Microsoft Viewer.

Mime type: application/msword [official]. application/doc, appl/text, application/vnd.msword, application/, application/winword, application/word, application x-msw6, application/x-msword


The MBX file extension is used for database index files, or dBASE Index, created for Outlook Express by Microsoft. It stores message data in an MBX file.


An ODT file extension, short for OpenDocument Text, is an OASIS format that has been created to become an leading industry extension for sharing documents. It basically is a XML file in a ZIP wrapper. Files with an ODT extension are often used by OpenOffice by Sun Mircosystems Inc., but may also be used by other document processing software.

Mime type: application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text, application/x-vnd.oasis.opendocument.text


The common PPT format is used for the PowerPoint Presentations created by the similarly named PowerPoint software by the Microsoft Corporation. This format is used by the older versions of PowerPoint and has been updated by the PPTX extension.

Mime type: application/ [official], application/mspowerpoint, application/ms-powerpoint, application/mspowerpnt, application/vnd-mspowerpoint application/powerpoint, application/x-powerpoint, application/x-m


The SNP file type is Snapshot from a Microsoft Acces Report. It contains a copy of all pages in a Microsoft Acces report and it preserves the layout, graphics and embedded objects. The main feature of this file is that it allows the reports to be viewed by users that don’t have Microsoft Acces installed.


The .VST file format is primarily associated with the Targa Bitmap. It was based on the Targa Truevision format which stores up to 8 bits for the alpha channel, 24 bits for the RGB information and 32 bits per pixel.

MIME-TYPE: application/vst, application/x-vst, image/vst



The XLSX is a file type from Microsoft and is used for the program Excel. It’s a Open XML format spreadsheet which is a combination of XML and ZIP compression to reduce the file size of Excel documents.

MIME TYPEe: application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet


The DOT file extension is a document template that is associated with the Microsoft Office Word software by the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Office Word is a enables the sharing and creation of documents using a set of writing options.

Mime type: application/msword [official]. application/dot, application/x-dot, application/doc, application/microsoft_word, application/mswor2c sc2, application/x-msword, zz-application/zz-winassoc-dot