The SGL file extension is a Master Document from the StarWriter 5 versions. It was the native format for this application. It can now be opened by Apache OpenOffice Writer.


The MHTML file is an archived web page document, created by Internet Explorer of the Microsoft Corporation. This file type has been found to be infected in the past and should carefully be scanned by an antivirus software application when a file of this type is sent to you.

Mime type: message/rfc822


A LOG file is an ASCII text file that is used by the system or other software applications to store important data. It may not be opened, moved or deleted when in use, since it can affect the behaviour of system utilities. Often data derived from virusscanners are stored in LOG files.


The POTX file extension is used for the new and upcoming PowerPoint presenation formats by the Microsoft Corporation. Similar to POTM, it combines a XML architecture with a ZIP compression and remains and open format for anyone to use and can be opened by older version of Microsoft Office.

Mime type: application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.template


The TXT file format is a document that contains text. It can be opened in any text editor. An original TXT file will consist of pure ASCII text without formatting. The Macintosh variant of TXT is TEXT.

Mime type: text/plain, application/txt, browser/internal, text/anytext, widetext/plain, widetext/paragraph


The CBZ file format is the counterpart of the CBR file format. Where the CBR format can be decompressed by RAR utilities, the CBZ format uses ZIP utilities. The CBZ files can be used to view comic book images in sequential order, while it remains the ability to be decompressed.


The MWP extension, short for MegaWorks Pack, is a document file that is used by STEP7-Micro/WIN Siemens 200-series PLC Program (Siemens AG), MegaWorks Pack File and FileViewPro.



The PXL extension is used by multiple software applications. Microsoft Pocket Excel uses the PXL extension for the created spreadsheets in the pocket version of the larger Microsoft Office Excel. It may also be found when PixCLscript has been used, but is less common.


The WRI file is a format used by the application Write from Microsoft. The file may also be opened with Wordpad if you don’t have Microsoft Write installed. In Windows 95/98 the Write application was just a shell that called Wordpad. In older versions¬† ( starting from Windows 3,1) Windows Write was just a basic word processor. This file format may contain styled text and page formatting information. Some older versions of Microsoft Works may also be able to open WRI Files.

Mime type: application/mswrite, application/x-mswrite, application/wri, application/x-wri, zz-application/zz-winassoc-wri, application/msword, application/microsoft_word


The DOTX format is a newer version of the DOT format that is used in Microsoft’s Microsoft Office Word. Microsoft Office Word is a enables the sharing and creation of documents using a set of writing options.