The SGL file extension is a Master Document from the StarWriter 5 versions. It was the native format for this application. It can now be opened by Apache OpenOffice Writer.


The MHTML file is an archived web page document, created by Internet Explorer of the Microsoft Corporation. This file type has been found to be infected in the past and should carefully be scanned by an antivirus software application when a file of this type is sent to you.

Mime type: message/rfc822


The DOT file extension is a document template that is associated with the Microsoft Office Word software by the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Office Word is a enables the sharing and creation of documents using a set of writing options.

Mime type: application/msword [official]. application/dot, application/x-dot, application/doc, application/microsoft_word, application/mswor2c sc2, application/x-msword, zz-application/zz-winassoc-dot


The MCW file extension, short for MacWrite, is a document file associated with MacWrite II by Macintosh. It contains text data and is similar to DOC and DOCX files.

Mime type: application/macwriteii


The OFT file format is used for Item Template files that are used by Outlook by the Microsoft Corporation.

Mime-type: application/


PPTM is basically a PPT file with macros. The PPTM format is used by the PowerPoint software by the Microsoft Corporation and is a new format for Microsoft Office documents. It makes use of both XML architectures and ZIP compression and remains open source and can be opened by older versions of Office.

Mime type: application/


The SRW file format is a Samsung RAW image. This is an image that was captured by a Samsung Digital Camera and not processed by photo editing software yet. After it has been compressed it is most likely converted to a more popular format like jpg or png.


The WK1 file format is primarily associated with ‘Lotus 1-2-3’ which is a spreadsheet program developed by Lotus ( now part of IBM ). It was an application with huge popularity in the mid-1980’s which was also due to the success of the IBM pc in the business environment. The WKS file format can also be opened, converted ( save as ) and edited by Microsoft Excel.

Mime type: application/vnd.lotus-1-2-3, application/lotus123, application/x-lotus123, application/wk1, application/x-lotus123, application/x-wk1

Similar formats: WK2, WK3, WKS


The XLT file type is a template for Microsoft Excel and is used for preserving a certain template within Excel . This type of file can also be opened by OpenOffice. Warning: the XLT extension is often used for sending infected files. Do not open these sorts of files that are from people you don’t know.


MIME TPE: application/ [official] application/excel, application/msexcel, application/x-excel, application/xlt, application/x-msexcel


A MMF file is a Message Managent File that is used by AppMind, created by Appmind Software AB. AppMind is a solution for application surveillance.