Easily convert videos to HTML5 formats using Miro Video Converter

As a front-end developer I build websites that have videos on them quite regular. Not so long ago using flash or other plugins was the only real option to play videos on websites. Now with HTML5 videos browsers have added the possibility to stream videos to users without having to rely on flash. The newer modern browsers all support this however there is still a downside to this story. Not all browser support the same type of video files.

The W3C has listed the browsers below with the filetype they support:

Browser MP4 WebM Ogg
Internet Explorer YES NO NO
Firefox NO
Update: Firefox 21 running on Windows 7, Windows 8,
Windows Vista, and Android now supports MP4
Safari YES NO NO

Converting videos to all these sorts of file types was hard to do because not all converters support all the file types so I moved from converter to converter to convert my videos. With the help of Google I stumbled upon a converter I didn’t quite know yet: Miro Video Converter. This converter proved to be able to convert my videos to all the HTML5 file types. It also support a wide list of Android, Apple and other mobile devices. A full list can be found here . The software can be downloaded for free and is easy to use.

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