What is xvid?

XviD is primarily associated with the ‘XviD codec’ and a very popular opensource video codec to save digital movies. It’s very suited to create quality videos that have a high compression to reduce the file size. XviD an opensource version of DivX that aims to be more compatible across operating systems like Linux and to develop a high quality open-source MPEG-4 CODEC. MIME TYPE: video/x-xvid

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What is mov?

A MOV file is a video clip file that is used by Apple Inc’s QuickTime. It is a common multimedia container file developed by Apple Inc and can be used by Macintosh and Windows operating systems. It contains multiple video and optionally audio tracks and uses the MPEG-4 codec for compression. Mime type: video/quicktime, video/x-quicktime, image/mov, audio/aiff, audio/x-midi, audio/x-wav, video/avi

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Edit, cut or convert your video files Convert your video files easily with Video Converter Factory. This Windows software is an all-in-one video processer, which focuses on video conversions, video editing,and many other useful features. Using the...

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