What is cdg?

The CDG file type is used by the CanoDraw software by Microcomputer Power. Canoco is a windows version of the older DOS CANOCO 3.1 program. CanoDraw is a program that enables on-screen graphs and publication quality output that can be edited on Mac and PC.

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What is ms-dvr?

File extension: DVR-MS. File type: Recorded Television File. The DVR-MS file type is primarily associated with ‘Media Center’ by Microsoft Corporation. In Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, Microsoft has introduced the *.DVR-MS (DVR) file format. Similar in format to *.ASF, the *.DVR-MS (DVR) file enhancements allow the creation of key PVR functionality, including time-shifting, live pause, and simultaneous record and playback. These files now use a .WTV extension. Primary association: Media Center. Company: Microsoft Corporation

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