What is xwd?

The program XWD ( X Windows dump ) that runs in the X Window System captures the content of a screen ( screenshot / Screen dump) and saves it into an uncompressed bitmap image.  Since it’s an uncompressed image the file size may be very large. The X11 xwd is supported by various image viewsers like XnView, GIMP, ImageMagick and others. See the XWD manual for more information. MIME TYPE’s: application/x-xwd, image/x-xwindowdump, image/xwd, image/x-xwd, application/xwd, .

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What is pct?

A PCT file extension is used for Graphic Image stored PICT formats by Macintosh, developed by Apple in 1984. It is used for the storage of images using Apple’s QuickDraw and contains image data in either PICT 1 format (8 colours) or PICT 2 (thousands of colours). PICT files are often perceived with the PICT extension, but they are typically seen with the PCT extension in Windows.

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