What is wmf?

The WMF is a graphic format created by Microsoft in the early 1990’s. It stands for ‘Windows Metafile’ and may contain both vector graphics and bitmap components. It was designed and used before the rise of the internet. When the internet came up widely used formats like GIF and JPEG resulted in lower popularity for WMF. Mime type: application/x-msmetafile, application/wmf, application/x-wmf, image/wmf, image/x-wmf, image/x-win-metafile, zz-application/zz-winassoc-wmf

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What is jbig?

The JBIG (Joint Bi-level Image experts Group) file extension is a 1-bit raster image format. It stores a black and white raster graphic using the lossless compression method. This extension has been replaced by JBIG2 (or JB2), which compresses more efficiently.

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