What is tif?

The TIFF file format is a Tagged Image Format and is short for “TIFF“. It is a high quality graphics file that supports layers and multiple pages. TIF files can be saved in a (lossy) JPEG compression or an uncompressed (lossless) format. Mime type: image/tif, image/x-tif, image/tiff, image/x-tiff, application/tif, application/x-tif, application/tiff, application/x-tiff

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What is yuv?

The YUV file extension can be a various amount of things. It is mostly used as part of a color image pipeline. It encodes a color image or video storing colors in the Y, U and V components. It stores the brightness ( luminance ) in the Y value and the color ( chrominance) in the U and V values. It’s often perceived better than RBG because it takes human perception into account. The format is mostly used for interfacing with photographic equipment or analog or digital television. The format is mostly written Y’UV. MIME type: image/yuv  

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