What is mtv?

File extension: MTV File type: Video The MTV file type is primarily associated with ‘MTV’. MTV is a file format created to allow video playback capabilities on inexpensive Chinese-made portable MP4 players without increasing the cost of those players with license royalties and more processor power. One use of this file format is in a product called the MP4 Watch. Primary association: MTV File classification: Video Identifying characters Hex: 41 4D 56 , ASCII: AMV

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What is raf?

The RAF extensions is a CCD-RAW Graphic file that has been developed by Fuji Photo Filma USA Inc. as an exchangeable image file. This image format contains data of the Fuji (digital) camera’s CCD or CMOS sensor. Slowly, graphics programs are starting to provide support for this format, like Qimage. The RAF files are called a digital negative without other effects and compressions from the camera.  

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