What is emf?

An EMF file, short for Extended (or Enhanced) Metafile Format, provides true device independency. An EMF file is basically a snapshot of a video display, taken at a certain moment, that maintains its dimensions no matter where it is used. Several applications, such as PaintShopPro8, Microsoft Picture and GraphicsConverterPro attempt to successfully capture this extension. Mime type: application/emf, application/x-emf, image/x-emf, image/x-mgx-emf, image/x-xbitmap

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What is pict?

The PICT file extension is used on files that have been created by Quickdraw by Apple Inc.. Quickdraw is a 2D graphics library which is a part of the Macintosh operating systems by Apple Inc., but although it still is part of the Mac OS X system, it has been replaced by the modern Quartz graphics application. PICT files can hold both object-oriented images and bit-mapped images. Mime-type: image/x-pict

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