What is azw?

The AZW file format is a eBook format that is primarly associated with the Kindle Company of Amazon.com

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What is wks?

The WKS file format is primarily associated with ‘Lotus 1-2-3’ which is a spreadsheet program developed by Lotus ( now part of IBM ). It was an application with huge popularity in the mid-1980’s which was also due to the success of the IBM pc in the business environment. The WKS file format can also be opened, converted ( save as ) and edited by Microsoft Excel. Mime type: application/lotus123, application/x-lotus123, application/wks, application/x-wks, application/vnd.lotus-1-2-3, application/excel Similar formats: WK1, WK2, WK3

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One of well known online converters out there Zamzar is a widely recognized, online conversion platform that is dedicated to help you transform your audio files, videos, images and documents into different formats (over 1200 file formats!). Like...

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